EASTENDERS (2007,2009)
Played "Olive"

Dalziel & Pascoe (2006)
No further details known as of yet. Episode to be aired later in 2006.

The Poseidon Adventure (2006)

Played "Belle Rosen"

As the luxury liner Poseidon slices through the waters of an ocean storm, the greatest danger is already on board—a terrorist with an explosive message for the world. Detonated on New Year’s Eve, the blast capsizes the ship leaving a motley few—the madman among them—struggling for survival in an upside-down hell of life-and-death drama.

Child of Mine (2005)
Starring Joanne Whalley and Adrian Dunbar, the tense psychological thriller is written by Caleb Ranson, directed by Jamie Payne, produced by Alison Jackson and executive produced by Jane Featherstone. The series is set to air this Autumn.

Judge John Deed (2005)
Appeared in 2 episodes.

Family Affairs (2005)
Appeared in 2 episodes.

Dr Zhivago (2002)
ITV's remake of Dr Zhivago. Based on Boris Pasternak's novel set during the Russian Revolution, Zhivago's story of romantic obssession is still powerful today.

The three-part adaptation, shot mainly in the Czech Republic, contains more of the book's plot than the film, but has its own ending.

The Jury (2002)
Played "Elsie Beamish"

A highly controversial new six-part event drama for ITV called The Jury, starring a wealth of British talent including Derek Jacobi, Anthony Sher, Mark Strong, Michael Maloney, Jack Shepherd, Peter Vaughn and Helen McCrory. The Jury, made by Granada Television, tells the story of a shocking murder trial that will grip viewers from the first and keep them in suspense to the last.

At Home With The Braithwaites - Series 1,2, 3 & 4 (2001-2003)
Played "Marion Riley"

They say life begins at 40. For Alison Braithwaite this is an understatement. Her youngest daughter Charlotte presents her with a Euro lottery ticket and the unbelievable happens. She wins £38 million and makes a firm decision not to tell her family. Why is she keeping it a secret? Just how long can she lead a double life before suspicions are aroused? The series explores the lives of this seemingly ordinary suburban family with more surprising revelations along the way...

Heartbeat (1998)
Series 8 - Episode 14 - "Where There's A Will"

An elderly woman is being forced to leave her cottage that she has lived in for many years because a relative of hers wants to sell it. She goes to great lengths to stay in her home. She goes to the estate agent where the property is up for sale and vandalises the place. Mike is called in to take charge of the situation. The women then starts firing a gun and threatens to set fire to the cottage if she can't stay there. The situation starts to get serious.

House of Angelo (1997)
The House Of Angelo is about a young American, Count Octavius, who arrives from Virginia with a petition for George III. His life is threatened and he is offered protection by the Angelo family, played by Edward, Tim, Peter and Sarah Woodward. Angelo runs a well respected fencing academy and it falls to him to train Octavius, in order that he might protect himself.

Original Sin (1996/1997)
Played "Esme Carling"

Based on the book by P.D. James. Peverell Press, respected London publishing house with two hundred years of tradition, is taken over by new management. Gerard Etienne, new yuppie CEO, wants to implement radical changes. Soon he is found dead under bizarre circumstances. Commander Adam Dalgliesh, policeman in charge of the investigation, is convinced that the reasons for the death lie in the sinister past.

Ghost Hour (1995)
One hour drama directed by Lesley Manning, for prime time BBC 1.

Master of the Moor (1994)

Played "Stephen's Mother"

Stephen Whalby loves the moor. When a series of senseless murders of young women invades his beloved moor, he becomes intrigued...and a suspect.

Peak Practice (1993-1995)
Played "Isabel de Gines"

Peak Practice is set in Cardale (a fictitious village in the Peak District). It follows the everyday lives of the doctors that work at the Beeches Surgery and the patients that they treat there. The programme has a strong sense of community and its idyllic country setting is very appealing. Each episode combines serious medical issues with brilliantly scripted storylines, creating a drama that is both informative and enjoyable to watch.

The Glass Virgin (1994)
Played "Lady Constance"

Drama based on the Catherine Cookson novel which tells the story of a young girl who discovers that her whole life has been based on a lie.

Natural Lies (1992)
Played "Harriet"

Advertising executive Andrew Fell gets caught up in a sinister conspiracy when he investigates the death of his ex-girlfriend who had discovered the first human case of BSE.

Margaret Thatcher - The Final Days (1990)
No information available.

May To December (1990)
Series 2 - Episode 6 "No Other Love"

Played "Dollie Capper"

Alec and Zoe are now living together, but there are troubles on the horizon. A new American teacher has arrived at Eldon High, and is working closely with Zoe on the school play. Jealousy rears its ugly head and Alec believes that he is going to lose Zoe to a younger man. These events coincide with the return to Pinner of "Dangerous Dollie", an old flame of Alec's...

Dr Who (1989)
Episode "Ghost Light"

Played "Mrs. Pritchard"

The Doctor brings Ace to Gabriel Chase, an old house that she once burnt down in her home town of Perivale. The year is 1883 and the house is presided over by Josiah Samuel Smith, who turns out to be the evolved form of an alien brought to Earth in a stone spaceship that is now in the basement.

Ruth Rendell Mysteries - A Sleeping Life (ITV)
The body found under the hedge was that of a middle-aged woman, biggish and gaunt. There was nothing to give Detective Chief Inspector Wexford her address, her occupation or even her identity - let alone any clues which might lead to her killer.

Intimate Contact (1988)
Played "Annie Stanhope"

A sheltered upper middle-class couple's world begins to crumble when she learns that her husband has contracted AIDS from a prostitute during a business trip abroad. Although she is devastated by the news, she stands by her husband as they attempt to carry on their activities despite the circumstances.

The Murders At Lynch Cross (1985)
With A newly opened hotel on the Yorkshire Moors is the scene of a series of strange and coincidental events involving the guests and the servants, drawing them into the realm of murder.

With Jill Bennett & Joanna David.

Miss Marple : A Murder Is Announced (1984)
Played 'Mrs. Easterbrook'

A man dies in Chipping Kleghorn and suddenly aunt Jane is coming to stay. As with most Agatha Christie's movies, everybody and nobody could have done it. Miss Jane Marple is the catalyst that helps Inspector Craddock and others to view the situation differently and extrapolate the "who" that done it.

It's Your Move (1982)
Played "The Wife"

A young married couple unwisely entrust an inept removals team with their move into a new home.

Richard Briers .... The husband
Tommy Cooper .... Big removal man
Bernard Cribbins .... Neighbour

Nancy Astor (1982)
Played "Nanaire Langhorne"

The life story of the first female member of parliament, Lady Astor.

Lisa Harrow .... Nancy Astor
Pierce Brosnan .... Robert Gouldshaw
James Fox .... Waldorf Astor

Murder Will Out (1976)
No information available.

My Good Woman (1972-1974)
Played "Sylvia Gibbons"

Top comedy series for 3 years. Richard Wilson's first major role.

Leslie Crowther .... Clive Gibbons
Richard Wilson .... Reverend Martin Hooper
Keith Barron .... Philip Broadmore

The Adventurer (1972)
An updating of Gene Barry's "Amos Burke, Secret Agent" character.

Gene Barry .... Gene Bradley
Barry Morse .... Mr. Parminter
Catherine Schell .... Diane Marsh

Clutterbuck (1970)
No information available.

The Human Jungle (1968)
Herbert Lom .... Dr. Roger Corder
Michael Johnson .... Dr. Jimmy Davis
Sally Smith .... Jennifer Corder
Mary Steele .... Jane Harris

Danger Man (1967)
Episode 058 - "It's Up to the Lady"
Played "Paula"

Drake hopes to use a defector's wife to persuade him to return to his home to Britain.

Patrick McGoohan .... Drake
Robert Urquhart .... Glover

Armchair Theatre (1967)
Written by William Marchant.

Bat Out Of Hell (1967)
Played "Diana"

A couple embarking on a foreign holiday find themselves caught up in a wave of terror and intrigue.

With Noel Johnson, John Thaw & Dudley Foster.

The Saint (1964-1968)
Played "Arlene Flemming" in episode: "The Best Laid Schemes" 1968
Played "Anne Yearley" in episode: "The Noble Sportsman" 1964
Played "Jeannine Roger" in episode: "Jeannine" 1964

Love Story (1962)
No information available.

Climbing For Glory (1955)
No information available.

Terminus (1955)
No information available.

The Romantic Young Lady (1954)
No information available.

The Devil's Disciple (1954)
No information available.

The Powder Magazine (1954)
No information available.